Tilted Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowl

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This increasingly popular tilted food and water bowl is perfect for helping your cats' eating posture; relieving discomfort, especially in their advancing years.

The 15° tilt helps protect their cervical vertebrae, helping ease discomfort whilst eating or drinking.

The tilt has also been shown to help reduce vomiting.

Its slanted edges with lack of corners help your kitty to have easy access to all the food in the bowl without causing any unnecessary pain and discomfort- a discomfort that could have been caused over many years. So start them young!

A highly attractive and classy design in a variety of colors make it easy to fit into any decor. 


  • 15° tilt protects the pet's cervical spine and convenient for pets to eat
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Non-slip base
  • Multiple colors to meet different preferences


  • Water / food container