Stylish Raised and Tilted Anti-Vomit Cat Bowl

These stylish raised cat bowls not only suit any chosen decor, but, more importantly, are tilted at a 15 degree angle and raised 6cm, scientifically proven to ease discomfort on your cat's neck, helping ease discomfort in the cervical area. Not only that, but it has also been shown to significantly ease vomiting and regurgitation after eating.
So if you have a poor pussy cat that has showing these symptoms, this may be the reason! Our beautiful and beloved kitties can't speak for themselves in the way that we do, so if they've grown into discomfort over the years, imagine the pleasure they'll feel from a simple tilted raised bowl! Coming in a variety of colours, these will sit perfectly in any home...
So rejuvenate your beloved cat's feeding time today!
  • 15 degree tilt 
  • 6cm Raised Bowl
  • Easy Clean
  • Non-Slip
  • Stylish Design