Grooming and Massage Gloves

Do you enjoying spending time with your beloved cats, your beloved dogs? The answer’s got to be yes, right?

Well they enjoy it too!

Stroking and grooming is not only a way of showing love and affection, though. It is an essential regime which helps keeps their coats looking and feeling in tip top condition.

What if there was a ways of improving grooming time, and making time spent with your Proper Pals even more special?

Well look no further than our pet grooming gloves.

Available as a single left or right hand or as a pair and in a variety of colours, our one size fits all glove with Velcro wrist fastener and with rubber palm helps make sure your favourite friends will look forward to spending time with you even more than usual!

The specially designed five fingered rubber palm is covered with soft and soothing nodules which massage the skin gently, helping to stimulate the creation of essential oils and of course, gently removing any loose hair and fur, without causing any scratching to the skin... leaving your favorite friend with the sleekest possible coat!

The collected hair is easily removed in one simple motion from the palm... you won’t believe how easy and effective it is!

Treat your pet TODAY to the natural fur coat they deserve and make spending time with your Proper Pal even more special!
  • Five-Fingered Design
  • Breathable and Fast-Drying Mesh Lining
  • Lightweight
  • Machine Washable Easy to Clean
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Velcro Wrist Fastener
  • One Size Fits All