Automatic Magic Box Cat Toy

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There is nothing quite like seeing a cat of any age play; with their eyes wide and their tails and bottoms wiggling away, ready to pounce! It's their true instinct coming out... and it's lovely to see.

With this highly innovative and interactive automatic smart cat toy, your kitty cats will be kept entertained whenever they please. The smart sensor senses close movement and an enticing feather comes popping out of the holes in the box, changing hole every time, keeping your pusskins excited with the playful hunt... Until it's time for their next well deserved nap, of course.

Treat yourself and your Proper Pals to a bit of fun today!


  • Smart Infrared Sensor
  • Interactive and Innovative
  • Auto Power Off Conserves Energy
  • Highly Enticing
  • Easy to Use
  • Attractive Design
  • Works on Multiple Types of Flooring


  • Size: 17.7cm x 17.7cm x 6.5cm / 6.97" x 6.97" x 2.56"
  • Color: Gray