Tug of War Suction Dog Treat Toy

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We all know the classic tug-of-war game with our dogs, right?

Well now it's time to take that classic to the next level. Our Tug-of-War suction cup dog toy is constructed with a teething ball, which is made of a sturdy and durable rubber, environmental friendly and completely safe. In fact it's not only an interactive Tug-of-War dog toy, but also helps remove plaque & tartar when chewing thanks to its soft texture and specially made teeth and nodule design.

In addition, you can add treats to the inside of the toy... a good treat is an earned treat. Of course, we all love our canine companions... we want to treat them all the time, but it's always good for our Proper Pals to work a little for their treats.

Not only do they get great exercise and ease some of their innate hunting and playing instincts, they have their teeth and gums cleaned whilst doing so.

The suction cups works perfectly on tiles, glass and other smooth surfaces and has ultra strong suction, no matter how tough your doggy likes to play!

A little bell inside keeps their attention. This also allows your Proper Pal to use their brain, increasing interest and mental health.

With multiple set-ups, this tug-of-war dog toy will become one of your essential and go to playtime pieces of equipment!


  • Multiple Set-Up Options
  • Treat Option
  • Ultra Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Simple to Use
  • Strong Suction