Portable Drinking Water Bottle and Dispenser


This superb 2-in-1 water bottle and bowl is perfect for any trips out with your dogs or cats. Easily stored in a bag or backpack, or carried with its sling rope. No more need to take a bowl and a bottle, this 2-in-1 system will keep your Proper Pals hydrated, and leave you with more room to carry another one of their favorite toys!


  • You can put this portable water bottle into your backpack, shoulder pack, or hanging on your hand with a sling rope.
  • The water is enough for dogs when outdoor walking, hiking, traveling, playing.
  • This pet water bottle is made with high-quality flexible food-grade plastic, BPA-free, FDA certification approved. Durable & recyclable.
  • Never worry about your pet being hurt from toxins. Enjoy your outdoor activity with the knowledge of safety.
  • This dog water dispenser is designed with a silica gel seal ring which prevents water leakage efficiently. 
  • This dog or cat travel water cup bowl has a good 2.76 inches drinking trough.
  • One-hand Open/Lock system. Easy to use.


  • Color: Blue/White/Pink
  • Weight: 160/200g
  • Material: ABS + Plastic + Silicone
  • Size 350ml (Diameter x Height): 8cm x 22cm
  • Size 550ml (Diameter x Height): 8cm x 27cm


  • Keep the cup horizontal, Unlock, Press the “Water Button” to fill the trough with water. Release the “Water Button” to stop the water.
  • When dog or cat has finished drinking, pour the unused water back into the bottle. Then turn the “Lock Key”. Simple!