January 22, 2021 3 min read

Pet Care Tips -Five Ways To Pamper Your Pet Dogs and Cats

All our Proper Pals deserve to be treated perfectly all the time. Sometimes though, it's nice to go even further for them. Giving them affection and devotion is the least we can do to show them that they have always brought us pleasure and love. Here are some pampering tips for your cuddly companions, to make them feel extra special and important.

(1) Get Your Pet A Toy:

For your pet puppy, a frisbee would be delightful. Choose a lightweight frisbee, but one they cannot chew apart quickly. Balls to play with your pet are an old classic and one which shouldn't be forgotten. Be sure to choose a toy without bits that can easily be eaten and do not encourage them to play with fragments that they can tear and ingest.

(2) Style and Shoot:

Give your pet a special look and have a picture session. You can get fine pet dresses for your dog or cat, or you can make your shoots more fun by using themed dresses. This could be a tough challenge and may sound, yep, pretty ridiculous to some, but actually, as long as your favourite friend is happy, why not?!

(3) Get A Treadmillfor Your Pet:

A pet treadmill is a great place to train indoors with your pal. If you don't have time to go outside and give them a nice stroll, it can be handy. Although a stroll in the park or a good, solid exercise regime in the great outdoors is of course number one, it is helpful if you need to remain indoors, or if you have an elderly pet. Basically, any exercise is better than none, but it goes without saying to take vet's advice and the welfare of your pal first.

(4) Schedule A Pet Spa:

Who doesn't like being pampered at a spa!? You can even book a spa for your beloved dog or cat. Bring them to a pet day spa and treat them like royalty! Nice massage, good washing of the nails and teeth and ears... A mani-petty if you will! You could also register for enrichment classes for your dogs. This experience is undoubtedly perfect for your pet as well as for you. 

(5) Giving A Good Bath:

Of course, a nice bath for your pet is the most simple thing to do. Hmmm... I hear you say, have you seen my cat in the bath?? Ok, understood. But are you introducing your pet gently into the water? At the right temperature, with no alarming splashy sounds? Are you using the right products? Using the correct pet shampoos can help eliminate dry skin and help stop it being vulnerable to skin infections. We all know that our cats love a good clean, but giving them a helping hand and helping them remove those oh so lovely fur-balls, can't be a bad thing... and don't forget we are talking pampering here, so maybe not every day, but once in a while is ok! 

These tips on pet care can help you to continue to make your pets more relaxed. Keep an eye out for future suggestions on how to pamper your Proper Pals.