March 18, 2021 2 min read

Shopping For Anti-Anxiety Pet Beds

If you’ve ever had a bad day and felt the need to retreat to your bed and cocoon yourself in your duvet, you’ll know the feeling of relief that a comfortable bed can bring. Our fluffy friends are much the same and often relish the opportunity to sink into some comfort and sleep away a few hours. There are many reasons why a pet might benefit from an anti-anxiety bed, so it is well worth looking into if you feel that your pet could benefit.

The Benefits of an Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed

Sometimes our pets get stressed and we don’t see or recognise the signs and so don’t know to help them. Anti-anxiety pet beds are great for offering a little comfort to your pet when you have gone out for the day, for example. Lots of our pets have mild separation anxiety, especially if, like many of us, you have spent more time at home than usual over the last year or so due to Covid. When returning to normal life, our pets are likely to spend some of the day wondering where we are and worrying if we’ll come home. A suitably sized anti-anxiety bed can help give them some comfort in this worrying time and help them feel less stressed until you return home.

The Right Type of Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed

When shopping for a bed for your pet, you should consider the size you’re choosing and make sure it’s appropriate – you never want to purchase a cat or dog bed that is too small, as this will be uncomfortable for them. Part of the design when it comes to anti-anxiety beds is that your pet can feel safe and cocooned inside – so one with high sides or somewhere they can snuggle into and cover up if they feel the need.

It is also worth considering what material the bed is made from. For example, this plush round velvet pet bed looks immediately cosy and you can see that it will be somewhere that your pet is going to enjoy sleeping. There are plastic beds available and although these do offer a practical place to sleep, they’re not going to bring any extra comfort to your pet, so may not be suitable for a pet that has anxiety or stress issues.

Does My Pet Need An Anti-Anxiety Bed?

An anti-anxiety pet bed won’t be the answer to all of your problems, so if your pet is suffering you may need to look into this further and see what training methods might work for you. However, that said – who doesn’t like a nice place to sleep? Having somewhere that feels safe to them and somewhere they can lay their head will always be of benefit and of great comfort to them.

So, if you are looking for a pet bed and your pet ever seems a little stressed or anxious then it is worth looking at what beds we at Proper Pals Pets offer and make sure you buy something that is going to bring you both a little joy.

We wish you and your Proper Pals restful and stress-free sleeps ahead!